Alan and Roz's Wedding

Friday 24th August 2007



I go to bed each night and fall into a deep sleep thinking of you and how much I love you

Then I wake up in the morning and slide into your arms where I feel safe and loved

As I get ready to face the day my thoughts constantly are with you thinking of how much I love you and how
you take my breath away

You are the reason I live ~ the one I live for

I can think of no one that I would rather spend the rest of my life with (forever and 2 days)

To me you are beautiful and I only hope that I can make you feel as happy as I feel when I am with you

Sometimes I wonder what it is you see when you look at me and hope that you see the love I have for you and only you

I hope that our life together will make you as happy as the many friends we have those ones that have that ‘special’ something (they know who they are)

There are couples here today that like us are ‘second time’ rounders ~ and how happy they all are glowing with the love they have for each other ~ they too have been given a second chance.

Alan you are the love of my life the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with the man that ‘takes my breath away’.

For you my love ~ together for ever and two days.



Welcome to a pictorial journey of Alan and Roz's Wedding
Day at the Bluebell Railway and later at Elm Park
Alan starting as he means to go on!
Alan with best man, Rob
Well, where is she??
Roz and Di, the Pink Lady, keeping Alan waiting.
And Henry came too!
The guests are getting worried too!
Roz arriving, and seeing Alan's Kilt for the first time
All signed up now
Alan with mum, Gina
Your Loco,
and Carriage awaits
The Pandi Girls.....
......and Boys
Father of the Bride and Best Man join the happy couple  
With Brian and Jackie
With Pete and Bridie
With Tony and Chris
With Keith and Caroline
With Robert and Carol
With Andy and Helen
With Nick
With Pete and Dawn
With the Pandi Girls
Pandi Boys
Where the hard work was done!  
The two Kellys Gary with Alan's Mum

Drink has been taken!

The Pink lady

Henry Pulled!

Al's sore feet!