Our move to Ashurst Wood

The move to Beracah, Ashurst Wood.

In October 2012 we finally completed our move to Ashurst Wood after a very protracted on/off sale and purchase. Beracah was the home we wanted right from the very first viewing, and thankfully we were able to overcome the difficulties of house buying to reach our dream!

"Beracah" is an term from Morocco meaning "Good luck" we can't see any reason to change it!!

The move from East Grinstead was not a great distance but the environment is very different, what difference a couple of miles can make!



With help from friends and family we upped sticks and arrived at our new home with everything intact, it will be a bit of a challenge to find homes for everything in what is a smaller house, but we will!











first meal

Good old Kelly, well prepared! after helping us move in she produced a pot of stew for tea!







Exhausted after a busy day!





Here are some pictures taken on our walks around Ahurst Wood.




A rare dry autumn day. Early morning along Cansiron Lane looking towards Owletts Farm.











Some lovely autumnal trees, just off of Hammerwood Road, Ashurst Wood.










hammerwood house



Hammerwood House, on the outskirts of Ashurst Wood. This house was once owned by the legendary rock band, Led Zeppelin. It is debatable how long, if at all, the members actually stayed here.













box lane



Pond Life!






A visitor to our pond.



























































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