Pandes go to Bruges (Part Two!)

Not content with starting our Pande adventure in Bruges, we have revisited, this time including the missing two, and new additions to the famous PANDES!







As ever music played it's part on the weekend and Gimli did not let us down.

The Eurotunnel has never had such great entertainment within its carriages!

And some new songs too!

Here is a special one (even if Pachedale has been located into France!!)






Al and Snap

Al Zymer & Snapdragon

Scrounger and KipBlingScrounger & KipBling

Gadge and Mdme LaCouGadge & Madame LaCou

Gimli OxoGimli & Oxo

Vic DGVic and DG

Statto ChexStatto & Chex


Despite some cool and damp weather we had a weekend to remember and what a way for Al and Snap to spend their last Pande weekend (well for a while at least!)



Al seems to be enjoying this too

much! I am just wondering where

Madame La Cou's hands are!






More to come!