Our Egyptian Holiday

How lucky to get away from the cold English November weather!

Some Pictures and our Diary:

Di in front of Hotel

Di on the pier on the hotel beach.

Sunday 21st
We were picked up at 5:45 by Keefy and dropped at Gatwick in plenty of time to book in for our flight to Sharm El Sheik on Monarch airlines.
We took off slightly late at 09:40 and arrived in Egypt at 16:30 local time, which is 2 hours ahead of the UK. There  were several flights arrived in a short space of time which led to long queues for passport control and our cases took 40 minutes to appear, but we were on the coach by 18:30 for an hour’s drive to the Hotel Tropitel Oasis in Dahab. The room is on the ground floor with doors opening to the pool area.
We arrived in time for some dinner and drinks on the balcony.


Red Sea

Some fishes just off the beach


Rob on Balcony

Enjoying a G&T on the balcony

Monday 22nd
We woke up to clear skies and warm sun, there was however, a stiff  but warm breeze off the sea making the sea quite choppy. We spent the morning on the beach, easily finding some sun beds. We  met with the holiday rep at lunch time and booked a trip for a Bedouin dinner under the stars on Thursday evening. After lunch we sat by the pool and had a walk along the beach.
The staff are extremely friendly and attentive.
Dinner was served outside with barbequed meat available. In the evening we met up with a couple from Luton, Sandra was French from the Gers! We also met with Ian from Crowborough who is here on his own for a diving holiday.


red sea



Hotel at night

The hotel gardens from the beach.

Tuesday 23rd
Again we woke up to clear skies and sun, the breeze seemed to be a bit lighter. On the beach again and we invested in a couple of pairs of flippers after I put my head into the sea, using the snorkel to see masses of fishes and wonderful coral, the easiest way to the water is via the boardwalk as the beach has large rocks on the shore line. To be honest there are more varieties of fishes visible than in the Maldives. Back into the sea after lunch a great day.
The camels wander up and down the beach but so far we have not been harassed to go on a camel ride! And in one day we have seen more wild life than in Aus!!!!
After dinner we spent the evening in the bar with Ian. The food here is very good, with variety and excellent salads. We have had reports that Dahab is very small with limited shops etc, but we will find time to see for ourselves.


red sea



One of the local residents!

Wednesday 24th
Another day in paradise! This morning I composed a poem (maybe soon to be a song) called FLASA (Face Like a Smacked Arse) inspired by a young lady in the hotel who clearly is not enjoying her time here. There are a lot of Russians here now, and without being too harsh and stereotypic, they are the rudest, greediest, most demanding, and sexist breed of people I have seen. I have never seen plates piled so high with food, or men be so rude to their wives in my life! The Germans are placid and demure in comparison!  Anyway we had a great day today, we started snorkelling from the boardwalk in the hotel but after chatting to some people we moved up the beach! It was magnificent, the coral was better than the Maldives and we saw some wonderful fishes, and, sadly, quite a few plastic bags. What are we doing to our world???
After a modest lunch (by Russian standards) I managed to fall asleep on the sun bed on the beach, missing the opportunity for more snorkelling  as it gets dark quite early here, around 4 pm. We took a walk along the beach towards Dahab, where there are several new builds which are “work in progress” but not much evidence of the work! 
We were planning to visit Dahab this morning, but we were advised that a morning visit is not a great idea, as it is closed until the sun has gone down So we will get the bus in one  afternoon or evening.
FLASA was seen to crack a smile today, a temporary lapse into happiness, I am sure!
Di was hallucinating this afternoon, thinking she could see Europeans in the mountains... the curse of “all inclusive”!!!
After a couple of G&Ts on the balcony we went to dinner which again, was very good. Afterwards we chatted to a couple from Bristol who are experienced travellers and he brought his own windsurfing board with him from the UK. When I say we chatted with “Them”, I really meant we chatted with her! She is a free-diver who has mastered the art of holding her breath for long periods under water. I think I have discovered her secret, she must breathe through her arse, as she certainly does not have time to breathe through her mouth due to the amount of words issuing forth! Entertaining though!

red sea

A song for Flasa

With hair as black as a horse’s main
The girl had flown in from Ukraine
Her sour face seemed to say
I’ll only be here for another day

On her Egyptian holiday
Hoping for a place to play
Looking for a place that’s hot
A beach with fish was all she got

We called her FLASA
Nothing could phase her
Every time that she would pass
She had a Face Like A Smacked Arse

With clothes by a Russian designer
Which she thought would define her
As sexy, alluring at quite a price
And  with a pout like Posh Spice

When in fact she looked like thunder
Is it really any wonder?
She came here with  disco wishes
But all she got was camels and fishes

We called her FLASA
Nothing could phase her
Every time that she would pass
She had a Face Like  A Smacked Arse



Sinai Mountains

The Sinai mountains in the evening sunshine, beyond the headland is the famous "Blue Hole" diving attraction.

Thursday 25th
On the beach again this morning and snorkelling off the boardwalk, again a bit choppy but the waves are not noticed once you are in the water. After lunch we returned to our room to find that the room boy had decorated our beds with petals, really lovely and rewarded with a tip!

We were picked up at about 3:30 to travel to the desert for a Bedouin meal and star-gazing. The ride took us through Dahab which confirmed reports that it is not really worth visiting. We picked up some more people at the Meridian Hotel in Dahab before travelling about 40 kms to the desert site, which on the approach across the desert looked more like an Al Quaeda training camp! We had some tea and a chat from the guide about Egypt and it’s culture, followed by a Bedouin meal and then a short walk into the desert where we looked at stars and Jupiter through a great telescope with commentary from a very knowledgeable guide.   Unfortunately I chose this day to have a dodgy belly and sampled the delights of a Bedouin toilet, I will elaborate no further! Back to base at about 8:30. A very good day!



Di on the beach

Di enjoying a coffee on the beach, flippers at the ready, look out Lionfishes, she'll be right in!


red sea

Friday 26th

 More sun, sea and snorkelling! Belly is much better. I took a bread roll into the sea, and was immediately surrounded by hundreds of fishes, fantastic!

Met up with some people from Bradford, and another couple from Teeside,  interesting to hear their holiday experiences. It made me feel that we are too conservative in going back to the Gers next year, maybe we should try new places, either in France or beyond??



Our hotel room.



Saturday 27th
Well, last full day, and will we be going to Dahab. or Sharm, or on an excursion? No! The  beach beckons for more snorkelling  in the warm sea. And what a good decision! This morning before diving,  we walked along the beach towards the Blue Hole, past the camel docking station, and back. After lunch we had the best dive of the holiday, we saw Lion fish, Sea Cucumbers, Green Lipped Mussels and some magnificent Angel Fish. It is amazing how quickly time passes when in the water, we were in for over an hour on the last dive, but it felt like 20 minutes, the proof is in the sun-burnt back and backs of legs! Had to force down a G&T when we got back!


Garden at night

The hotel garden taken from our room at night.


We saw more wildlife in one day in the desert, than in 3 weeks in Western Australia!

Police station

The local constabulary!


Us on the hotel balcony checking out the "all inclusive"