Some family photos 



Birthday Girl!!




Rosie at 13!!!!!

Rosie Cake






Well, where did those years go?































Rosie, Millie & Jenni


Jamie with his dad




Jamie and Barry


















A sleep over at Ashurst Wood, March 2013:

Kids Sleepover

Cozying down to watch Madagascar3, who will stay awake the longest? Definitely not Kendal!!


Jamie and GR

Jamie & GR posing for the latest photographer in the family, Ms Millie!


Millie & Nana

Not to be outdone, Jamie tries his hand with the camera.


My turn now!


Millie in black & white




The Three stars at a recent family wedding:


The Ring Bearer





Jamie, the Ringbearer.
















Millie the Bridesmaid








Millie, the bridesmaid.

rosie the Bridesmaid

Rosie, the bridesmaid.


Us with the grand children November 2011

Us and Kids



Kelly and Kids

Kelly with the "gang"















Jenni and Pa



Mum with the kids

Jenni, marginally more difficult than Kelly to get a decent photo!!









Grandma, bless her, with her pride and joy. Who would have thought that we were to lose her within months of this being taken.





















Kendall with cold paws!













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