New Forest 2012


A great break spent at Setthorns Forestry Commission campsite on the New Forest. For mid September, we were blessed with some lovely weather.

All pitched up for the week, in what turned out to be our last outing in the Abbey Spectrum, and indeed the Defender, all change for the Brighties!

A gateway to the forest, seen in the evening sunshine. We were set up just a few metres from this gateway to the variety of the New Forest.

The heather was beginning to flourish as Autumn approached.

A young foal enjoying the evening sunshine.

Some old chap with his dog!

There are some good things resulting from Dr Beeching's railway cull, we probably wouldn't be able to access views like this.


Di at Hurst Castle


I think this one was late for the Southampton Boat Show, speeding past The Needles.



And this was before the horsemeat in burgers scandal!


Here's to the next one!!





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