Our trip to Australia February to April 2011 





The journey:


It started with Jenni taking us to Heathrow to catch the 22:00 Qantas flight to Singapore. We boarded the Airbus A380 in our pre booked aisle seats. It turned out not to be a great idea as conversation was difficult, and it’s a lottery who will be in the two seats between the aisle and the window, and how often they want to get up. We will go for window and middle on the way back! However it was a good flight, the A380 is very quiet and has a great entertainment system. After a 3 hour stopover in Singapore we flew down to Adelaide and arrived at just about 8am local time after a 6 hour 45 minute flight.

Adelaide Day One, Thursday 24th February:

We got through customs OK and found the bus station to take us to Golden Grove, where Geoffrey lives. It was a great way to see the way through Adelaide. The bus route also included the “O Bhan” which is a guided track for the bus which took us off of the road and followed the river valley up to Tea Tree where the route rejoined the main road. A great way for the busses to avoid traffic, but flexible enough to use roads where necessary. Richard kindly picked us up from the bus stop, which was just around the corner from his house. Richard and Joan were great and made us very welcome, in fact we will probably go out with them on Friday evening before we head off. After setting of in Geoffrey we stopped off to get some provisions and fuel, then booked in to Adelaide Caravan Park for 2 nights, we were lucky to get the last pitch on a busy site. In the afternoon we walked into the Botanical Gardens, it was a real struggle as we were both very tired, and it was very hot, but we wont complain about that! A quick BBQ for tea. Our “neighbours” have recommended a camp site on the beach in Robe which is on our route to the Great Ocean Road. A sleepy evening, as we are both knackered, trying to stay awake until 9pm!

Wildlife Report:

We have seen several large spider webs, one of which was occupied by a very large spider! Several crested doves and red parrots have been spotted, and we have Kookaburra on site which is heard, but not seen! And a bee colony which is living in a chimney pot. Not a kangaroo to be seen!l

Landrover report:

2 Defenders (110’s), several Discos and quite a few Range Rovers!
















Adelaide Day Two, Friday 25th February:

After a flakey night’s sleep we were awake fairly early and walked into Adelaide city centre via the botanic gardens. A beautiful city with many open spaces. We walked through the centre, and then on to the Fruit Market. After that we walked through the city, stopping to buy an Aussie Mobile for Geoffrey, to the Adelaide Oval. Very hot sun today. We blagged our way into the ground and got some great pictures. We then followed the river back to the campsite ($36 per night!) In the evening we were picked up by Richard and Joan and taken to a pub where their friend was singing, a great evening but tiredness set in by 11pm!


Di Adelaide





Leaving Adelaide Saturday 26th.

We set off by 9am after another disturbed night, (jet lag is a real bugger) we headed out past Murray Bridge down to the Princes Highway towards the coast. To be honest a dreary road but a means to an end. After a brief stop Meningie for a drink and a bun we motored on to Robe where we stayed the night. A pretty seaside town with a harbour and a sandy beach. The site was quite commercial and busy but handy for wireless connection.

We walked into the centre and bought some locally caught Snapper which was cooked in the camp kitchen where we met more nice Aussies!

After a game of scrabble aided by matchsticks for the eyelids, we slept like logs!

Wildlife Report:

Apart from seeing a ray in the water at Robe, nothing to report. I am being to get irritated by signs telling me to watch out for Kangaroos, Koalas, and Wombats but seeing nothing!

Landrover report:

Two Series 2 Defenders in Robe!


Geoffrey at Robe



Robe to Mount Eccles National Park. Sunday 27th February

Having looked at the map, and being disappointed with the SA coastline, I happened upon a National Park near Portland, but inland, called Mount Eccles. After quite a pleasant drive, stopping at Mount Gambier to see the Blue Lake and a slice of Raisin Toast for lunch, we arrived at Mount Eccles. Well the wildlife report will make exciting reading today! But before that let me describe the camping ground. There is no running water, except for rainwater, but there are showers and toilets, no electricity but fires are allowed! Heaven, Keith would be orgasmic! Collecting wood (giving it a good kick before picking up....just in case of nasties) After parking up and boiling up some rainwater for tea, we took a bush walking trail around the volcanic crater, now a lake. We were promised Koalas and Kangaroos, but no sign until the very end..... On site we met up with 2 “Grey Nomads”, Rex & Bev, who live in Melbourne but get out Bush camping as often as they can in their home made trailer tent/caravan. Lovely people who knew a lot about the environment and camping grounds in Victoria. We spent the last part of the evening with them around their campfire.

Wildlife Report:

Just as we arrived back at visitor centre we met some Aussies who were surprised that we had seen no Koalas. As we walked on we were called back by the Aussies who had spotted a Koala in a tree. We were delighted to see the little fella, took some pics and made our way back to base, only to see another Koala in a tree next to our camper, and then another just a short distance away. Later as we sat by the fire, another one came down out of as tree, and wander away right in front of us! Later as the sun went down, we took a short walk and was confronted by a large Kangaroo “O my Christ!!” called Di. If this was not enough, as we walked back we came across another Koala on the ground who obliged by posing for photos! What with all this, and Cockatoos, Kookaburras, and Blue Wrens, a great day for wildlife! Now, as we sit in the dark in front of the campfire, we can hear male Koalas grunting away in the trees.

Mnt Gambier

Mount Eccles

First Koala

Our first sighting of a Koala in the wild


An "Oh my Christ" moment!


Mount Eccles to Cape Ottway February 28th.

We rose at 7am after a great night’s sleep in pitch black. Robbie took a walk around the site and saw 1 Kangaroo (aka O my Christ!) and 3 Wallabies, meantime Di was in the shower and exited to come face to face with a Wallaby, and then came across a Koala walking in the path in front of her! We then paid our site fee ($13) in the honesty box and set off for the Great Ocean Road. We stopped at Warnambool to check out the Tourist Info site, and then took the Great Ocean Road stopping at various viewpoints including the 12 Apostles. We made it to the Bimbi campsite at Cape Ottway. This site is not as basic as Mount Eccles, but equally, it nowhere near as commercialised as the Caravan Parks in Adelaide & Robe.

Once settled, we took a walk to what we thought was the lighthouse, but was in fact the opposite direction! But it was a great walk through the bush, albeit a bit scary as we had to duck under bushes not sure what was on the other side, however we saw Koala in every other Gum tree and also saw Parrots and Kookaburra.

Back to base for a BBQ in camp kitchen.

Later we had an English couple arrive on the next pitch with an interesting body job!


12 Apostles Great Ocean Rd

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Grass Van



Bimbi Camping Day 2 March 1st.

Rob spoke to the owner this morning to find out where the best walking trails are. He strongly recommended Station Beach, which was the walk we had started the day before. We re-traced our steps but carried on past the water pump (where we saw an “O my Christ”) and continued on to the beach. Well! A fantastic bay, probably 5kms in length with massive waves rolling in, and we were the only people there! We turned left and walked along the beach for about 1.5 kms, hard work because the sand is very soft. Past an incredible lava flow with fantastic rock patterns, including a fantastic footprint shape made from molten iron ore. We then came to Rainbow Falls which is a small waterfall, but with magnificent coloured face made up of rocks, minerals and mosses. We then turned back, exploring rock pools on the way. I have to say Mrs Bright is turning into Steve Backshaw, the Wildlife guy, showing no, well little, fear in climbing over rocks and leaping pools, couple this with her wood collecting, she is going feral!

Walking back was hard work across the beach and over the dunes, we met the young couple from the grass covered campervan who are pitched next to us. They were on the way down, and said later they wondered why we looked a bit “puffed” they soon found out, and looked a lot worse than we did when they got back later! (Oldies 1, Youngsters 0!) It was great walking through the bush, not totally sure where we were going, I am glad I had the sense to leave some markers in the sand to help us find the way back. Again we saw numerous Koalas and lovely birds on the Walk.

After a cuppa and a snooze in the sun albeit being a lot cooler here than Adelaide, we decided to take a quick run into Apollo Bay. A touristy small town with a few shops and bandits selling petrol at 1.48 a litre (usually around 1:30) Back to base were we booked in for a 3rd Night ($25 per night) as we can easily get to meet Alan from here on Thursday. We decided against picking up some dead wood on the way back, as we didn’t fancy bringing back any unwanted passengers in the form of spiders and bugs in the campervan, probably a wise move!

Station Beach


Rainbow Falls

There and back again

Lamb for tea


Bimbi Day 3. March 2nd.

Today we decided to drive to the Otway Fly, a Tree-Top walk in a rainforest. On advice from the campsite owner, we used the loggers road to Beech Forest, which although unsealed, was a good surface.

On the way to the Otway Fly, we stopped at a small plantation of redwood trees, and later at Hopetoun Falls.

We then arrived at the Otway Fly which has a tree-top walk as well as a zip wire through the forest (hence the expression Otway FLY) We decided to leave the Zip wire to the young and rich, and walk the tree-tops. This was excellent, the walk was suspended 30 metres above ground level, with a tower a further 17 metres higher! The adventuress Mrs Bright made it to the top! No mean feat as it did wobble a bit!

After the Otway Fly, we drove a short distance to Triplet Falls, which were delightful and home to Platypus’s. Sadly they decided to hide from us, but we did see a Possum run out in front of us.

Hopetoun Falls




Otway to Melbourne 3rd March

We set off from Otway at 9:30 to head for Melbourne and meeting up with Alan & Rozzie. We took in the rest of the Great Ocean Road with fantastic beaches and great waves. We stopped off at Lorne, and Torquay before meeting up with Alan on the M1 near Melbourne. We followed him in with great views of the city as we dropped down to Dingley Village and their lovely home. Rozzie got back from work at about 6pm it is so great to see them again, it doesn’t seem like a year since we saw them! We took a drive out to the beach road into south Melbourne, passing Shane Warne’s house!


Melbourne 4th March

We Skyped Jenni and Kelly this morning, great to see them, such great technology!

Rozzie had to go to work today and we drove into St Kilda where her school is to meet for lunch. We went to a great bar near the railway station, and when Rozzie went back she was able to show us around the school. It’s a private school with great amenities, and all the pupils are in uniform and sandals! Alan, Di and myself drove a short way to the Prahran market where we picked up some Orange Ruffey fish and prawns for tea, a lovely meal which couldn’t be beat. Very nice too! I am too much of a friend to Alan to dwell on his getting lost in his home town, and forgetting where the car was parked!!

Alans Route

This is the way to Alan's sense of direction!!


Melbourne to Albury Wadonga 5th March.

Up fairly early as we are leaving Melbourne today on our journey to Sydney. We stopped off first at a lay-by for tea, and then on to Albury and Lavington, where our cabin is located. We visited Jean, Rozzie’s mum in law who was a lovely lady. After tea and biscuits we drove around Albury seeing some lovely homes, and stopped off at Bellbridge which is a very small village over looking the Hume Weir. There are some blocks of land for sale with great views across the lake, but very isolated! We then drove to a quirky pub called Ettamogah which is based on a cartoon drawing, but sadly closed!

Back to base to get ready for Rozzie's friend, Jenny’s 60th Birthday Party.

A good party at Jenny’s not a massive amount of people there, but everybody was very friendly.

Ned Kelly

Hume Weir


Albury to Sydney 6th March.

After spending the night in our cabin in Lavington, which was just pefect, we set off at 9:30 for Sydney. Before joining the motorway, we had a quick spin around Albury, which is a lovely community with some delightful homes, a good place to live, I think.

The road to Sydney was long typified by a turning called “Warrolong Rd!” but the scenery was good and much more interesting than WA. We had an early stop at a small town called Holbrook, named after an English born skipper of an Aussie submarine in the 1st World War who sunk some German ships in Turkey and was rewarded with the VC. His adopted hometown in NSW, Germanton was renamed to Holbrook in his honour, and recently a full sized skin of Porpoise Class submarine was placed in the town gardens. Holbrook is also famous for it’s Aussie Pies,which had to be taken as a brunch, and they lived up to their reputation yum!!

From Holbrook we continued on the Hume Highway into Sydney, stopping for refreshments and wees along the way!

We arrived at our holiday village, Sydney Gateway some 38 kms outside Sydney where we are staying in a great Cabin with 2 en-suite bedrooms. After a chicken salad meal that couldn’t be beat, we had a walk around the site before crashing out.



Sydney Gateway


Sydney 7th March

A great day spent in Sydney. We walked to the bus stop and took the bus to Parramatta where we picked up the ferry to Sydney Harbour, a “Rivercat”. Somehow we managed to buy 4 pensioner day travel tickets for 10 Dollars from the bus driver, this covered us for busses, ferries and trains all day!! The approach to Sydney by ferry boat was spectacular, passing under the “Coathanger” and berthing at the Circular Key. From there we walked to The Rocks, and then went to the Bridge Pylon Lookout, which is some two thirds of the height of the highest point of the bridge. Alan would not have managed the Bridge Walk over the top. Some great views of the City from there. We then walked around the harbour to the Opera House where we enjoyed a wee refreshment and the sun (about 25 degrees and clear skies). We walked through the Botanical Gardens to the city centre and then back to the Circular Quay to catch our ferry back. Whilst sitting in the sunshine, I recognised that Billy Connelly and Pamela Anderson were stand just a few feet away, I had to have a quick chat and shake his hand before they wandered off unrecognised by anybody else! Including my compatriots, armed with video cameras and several Nikons, not a single picture!!

Back at base we had a fish salad that couldn’t be beat and settled down for a good night’s sleep on a bed the width of the M25, I haven’t seen Di for 2 nights!!

Sydney Arrival

R&D Opera House

Sydney Harbour




Sydney Day 2, 8th March

Before setting off we visited the small aviary on site where there were some lovely Lorikeets to feed. Then we re-traced our steps to Parramatta Ferry, and again we got 4 pensioner rover tickets for a total of 10 Dollars! When we got to the ferry, we found that the ferry was suspended due to low tides, so we got the train into Circular Quay instead. From the quay, we took a ferry to Manley which is a lovely surfer town with two great beaches, one in the bay and the other on the ocean where the surfers go. We had an ice cream that couldn’t be beat then we caught the ferry back to Circular Quay where we jumped on a ferry to Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour is a redeveloped area with lots of restaurants and bars as well as the National Nautical Museum and Aquarium. We had a great walk around before catching the Rivercat back to Parramatta where we had some food before jumping on a bus back to Sydney Gateway and bedtime!

Sydney Harbour Bridge





Sydney to Durras Lake North, 9th March

We left Sydney at 9:30 for Bondi Beach a “must do” spot but to be honest, a bit of a disappointment! A great beach but no wind for Buzz, which is just as well because Kite flying is on a long list of banned activities on the beach! We then travelled on to Durras Lake North to meet up with Judy and Phil, neighbours of Rozzie and Alan who are on a tour of Australia. Lovely people. The site is absolutely fantastic with Kangaroos roaming across the site as well as loads of parrots and kookaburras. Judy had prepared us a corned beef meal that couldn’t be beat. We had a game of cards and one or two glasses of wine to finish the day!

Bondi Beach

Durras Welcome


Durras Lake North 10th March

A good night’s sleep and woke up to the Kookaburras calling. Alan and Roz went into Batemans Bay to the medical centre to try to get Alan’s toe attended to as it seems to be very slow in recovering. Di and I took a walk out of the caravan park along the beach via Durras Lake then on up to the headland and back through a Spotted Gum Forest. About 5kms but quite taxing as the sand on the beach was very soft, and the climb steep. We saw more kangaroos on the beach. Back to base to get some more pics of the birds and kangaroos. We had a walk at the back of the site with Judy and Phil, couldn’t get too far because the lake was in flood, we did, however, form an attachment with a few leeches! We had a steak BBQ on an open fire that couldn’t be beat and then a game of cards with Judy & Phil.


King Parrot





Durras North to Melbourne 11th March.

We woke up to find a King Parrot hanging on to the fly screen door at the back of the cabin, waiting for his breakfast! I took a walk out to the beach and had to fight my way past Kangaroos to get on to the shore! Alan had a bad night after taking the painkillers prescribed by the doctor in Bateman’s Bay yesterday, they made him very drowsy and nauseous. We packed up, reluctantly, to leave Durras Park with a view to travelling down the coast to find a cabin for the night. However Alan did not travel well and after 55kms we stopped and we decided that it would be best to get Alan home. The three of us shared the remaining 710 Kms to get back to Dingley. We stopped off in a quaint township called Tilba which is pretty much unspoilt since the 1880s. We stopped to have an Italian meal that couldn’t be beat at Traralgon at a very nice restaurant run by an Italian who had been in Australia for over 30 years, working as a teacher and latterly running the restaurant. We eventually arrived back in Dingley at 22:10 exhausted, but sure we had done the right thing for Alan.




Gang at Durras North



Melbourne 12th March.

A good night’s sleep and we had breakfast before visiting a shopping mall while Alan had his toe checked out at the doctors. Afterwards we went to a caravan and camping show, but were discouraged by the $17 admission, plus parking! So we went to Springvale instead to a Vietnamese market to get some provisions for a BBQ.

Alan’s toe is much better today.

We had a chicken BBQ that couldn’t be beat, cooking the chicken using the beer can method.


Melbourne 13th March.

We woke up to sunny skies today and set off for Inverloch, which is a small beach side town on the road to Phillip Island. Alan is much better today and drove us to the beach. I took Buzz, and was able to fly him in Australia again. Buzz must be the best travelled kite in the world!

After enjoying 29 degrees and sunny skies, the weather changed dramatically at about 4pm with heavy rain, but hey, there were no earthquakes unlike to poor people of Japan.

Buzz in Oz



Melbourne 14th March

We took a drive out to the Dandenonge Ranges today and met up with Ray and Anita and her daughter, Isobel. Some lovely villages on the way, and some great views of Melbourne from the top where there were some lovely gardens.

We got Rozzie a wall tile for her birthday from Sassafras and enjoyed Olinda village.

When we got back, I mangaged to get Geoffrey started, but had to jump across to the leisure battery, but he went OK eventually, I will need to keep a check on the battery. Met up with Andrew and Shelley for a BBQ that couldn’t be beat at Howard Rd.


Melbourne 15th March.

We took the train from Cheltenham to Flinders Street, Melbourne, for a day in the city. We used the Tram to get around the city where we stopped at the Victoria Market, Melbourne Gaol, Immigration Museum, and Captain Cooks Cottage, as well as various shops on the way.

A busy city with lots to see.

Back home for a casserole dinner that couldn’t be beat and a lengthy walk around Dingley afterwards. Two ladies were found to be wanting in their bladder capacity, and there are no public toilets open after 6pm, the rest will be left to your imagination!

Elephant & Wheelbarrow

This is where Jenni stayed when in Melbourne.

Melbourne Cricket Ground


Melbourne16th March

A busy day at the house today, we trimmed bushes, fixed a gate, and cut the grass. In the afternoon we went to the shops and installed a wireless modem for Alan. Game of Rummikub in the evening where we were all thrashed by Rozzie.

Melbourne 17th March

A walk in Braeside park in the morning, about a 7 km circuit, later we played bowls at Alan’s club and in the evening we had a great time at 10 pin bowling where I got a lifetime best score of 164!

Grass cutting

Paying our Rent!!



Melbourne 18th to 25th March

During this week we explored Melbourne and the surroundings. I had a morning out on Alan’s Deauville, we took a drive down to Flinders on the Ocean coast, coming back up the coast road via Mornington. We also had another day in Melbourne city centre and we also had another game of 10 pin bowling. On Wednesday we visited Alan’s son, Darren at Bayles. They have a 5 acre plot there way out in the countryside. Whilst there Darren told us of finding a Red Bellied Black snake on the patio. He managed to de-capitate the beast with a spade, bt on returning to it 6 hours later, the head tried to bite the stick he used to move the "dead" snake! On Thursday we visited Ray & Anita for lunch, where we were made very welcome and saw Ray’s pictures from Vietnam & NZ. Later we went to the MCG to watch an Aussie rules footy game, Richmond Vs Carlton, which Carlton won.

On Friday, Di’s birthday Rozzie had the day off and we all went to the Napien Point at the heads, where the ocean meets Melbourne. There we saw a 1.5 metre long Brown Snake snoozing on the walking track, fortunately it woke up and slid off into the bush. We also called in at Sorrento, famous for it’d Vanilla Slices, which couldn’t be beat. Keith & Caroline would have adored! A Millie Fleurie and then some! In the evening we met up again with Phil & Judy..... “get the Binos!” for a game of cards on Judy & Di’s birthday. Drink was taken!



Napien Point


Saturday 26th March

With tears in our eyes we left Alan and Roz and headed to Halls Gap, where we found a camping site in the Grampian National Park, called Plantation. Very remote with few facilities, but delightful. We have water and wood for the fire, and enough food so why worry?

We met a couple of Aussies, Pete and Julia and spent the evening with them, and kangaroos, around a campfire.

Back on the Road again

Back on the Road again


Sunday 27th March

We decided to look at another campsite further north, Stapylton. On the way we stopped of for a walk to Beehive Falls, a short, easy walk it said on the guide, but beyond the falls we found a continuation which was a bit of a scramble to the top. It’s like The Lakes with Snakes here!

On the walk we saw 2 Honey Bee colonies in Gum Trees.

This site at Stapylton was a lot quieter than Plantation and there is good access to Bush Walks from site, so we decided to stay for a couple of nights. We chose a pitch with a fire pit, set up, then took a short walk in to the bush with Di wearing her Japanese Safety Boots! We were joined at our BBQ with several Kangaroos and Parrots!

Wild Bees

BeeHive Falls


Monday 28th March

We stayed another day in Stapylton, the weather was just about perfect again. In the morning we took a bush walk out towards Mount Zero, an interesting track with lots of birdlife, and once we started climbing we disturbed several Kangaroos too. We did wimp out after 6 miles, as the terrain got very rough and we hadn't seen anybody for hours and hours, and with no mobile signal, what would we have done if one of us fell and broke an ankle?? Some great views from the top.

In the afternoon we decided to chill out by Geoffery, mainly because we were low on fuel, and it seemed daft to travel 30 kms to get fuel as the nearest station is on our way back to Adelaide. Another BBQ that couldn’t be beat cooked on the campfire. We did have an unwanted guest at bedtime, I think it was Shelob’s cousin, but a good squirt of Mortein did the trick, although I think Di thought the rest of the family would still be with us... a nervous night’s sleep!

Bush walking

Bush walking in thongs!!

Tea Time Visitor

A Tea Time visitor!!

Tuesday 29th March

We left Stapylton at about 9:30 am and set off towards Adelaide, not really sure how far we would get before stopping for the night. We found a few sites along the way. In the end we covered 488 kms very easily and made it to Aldinga beach south of Adelaide, The roads were fast except for the last 60 kms, We stopped at Bordertown for lunch and then called in at Keith to take some pictures for obvious reasons and were pleasantly surprised to find a monument to Land Rovers with a Land Rover on a pole! Bizarre but somehow appropriate. The site at Aldinga is very peaceful and 15 minutes walk from a beautiful sandy beach were you can drive your car right on to the sand. A real contrast to the Grampians, but just as beautiful.

Land Rover at Keith

A LandRover on a stick, appropriately enough, at Keith




Wednesday 30th March Aldinga

We woke up to clear skies, but the clouds rolled in later. We decided to have a quick tour of the Fleurie Peninsular, taking in Goolwa, Port Elliott, Port Victor and back up the west coast. Port Victor was great and we took a walk across the wooden causeway to Granite Island. On the way back we passed over a huge dam wall with great views of the reservoir.

Back at site, we walked to the beach through the Aldinga Scrub. When we returned we got talking to one of the permanent residents, a old chap, obviously very lonely, who showed us where some Frog Mouthed Owls lived in a Red Gum tree. These birds just blend in so well in the tree bark, keeping stock still all day, and hunt by night.



Granite Island


Frog Mouthed Owl


Thursday 31st March Aldinga

A reverse of yesterday’s weather, with skies clearing mid morning. We took Geoffery and Bertie to the beach and flew Buzz. A lovely morning, it was great to be able to drive on to the beach and brew up! We spent the afternoon back at site searching for Di’s iPod and sorting out our cases. We contacted Richard about returning Geoffrey, there are some complications there with his son’s estranged wife due to give birth, and Richard will be away at Kangaroo Island. We will sort out our plans tomorrow. Had a last walk down through the scrub to the beach, and we saw the biggest Kangaroo of the holiday on the way back.

Aldinga Beach




Friday 1st April Aldinga to Golden Grove.


Up promptly and we set off for Golden Grove, we had plenty of time, so we took the coast road all the way up towards Port Adelaide, with fantastic beaches all the way. We stopped off at Brighton, Glenelg, and finally at Semaphore beach. When we arrived at Richard’s house, Joan was there and said we could sleep in Geoffrey on their drive as she was unsure what was happening regarding her son and their grandchildren. I asked if I could use their PC to find a Hotel near the Airport. I found a Motel 3 minutes from the Airport at a reasonable price, so I booked us in and we took the bus from Golden Grove. The lady bus driver was so helpful, she explained the OBhan driveway to me and she dropped us right outside the Motel.

The Adelaide Airport Motel was just perfect and we had a lovely meal of Barrimundi Fish there. There is even a shuttle bus to take us to the terminal in the morning for our flight to Singapore.


Saturday 2nd April


A good fight to Singapore, we landed at about 6:30pm and had no problem getting a taxi to the hotel, which was fine. We took a walk out to orientate ourselves, it was very hot and humid, which I guess is to be expected on the equator! We had a disturbed night as the room next door was noisy, but found out they were checking out on Sunday so no problem.

Sunday 3rd

We took off on a walking tour of the city, and frankly, we did too much in the heat and humidity. We walked down to Chinatown which was fantastic, then took in the sites in the city, including Raffles of course! After a break in the hotel pool, we set off again to find somewhere to eat, heading towards Little India, the walk was awful, so much roadworks and dust as they are creating a new underground line. When we got to Litttle India we were disappointed, compared to Chinatown, it was filthy and full of people just sitting on the pavement, scratching there arses. A bit like Big India! We didn’t fancy eating there, so we fought our way back through the crowds and dust to the city centre to eat. A shame because this spoilt our perception of Singapore, a city of contrasts.

Singapore Cricket Club

Singapore Temple

Singapore Temple





Monday 4th April

We arranged to have our bags stored and set off again to the city. This time we took a cab to the Marina Sands complex and visited the rooftop pool and viewing area which was fantastic! Great views of the city and it showed just how much development is going on, recession? I don’t think so! We took lunch in the shopping area, then back to the hotel for a relaxing afternoon at the pool before leaving for the airport at about 7pm. A great fight home and back to reality!

All in all a fantastic adventure with so many memories and so much fun.

Marina Sands Complex

Marina Sands Pool

Marina Sands Di



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