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Welcome to the Pande's Year Book for 2013!!

As we moved from 2012 to 2013 we had a great party at the Old Mill in East Grinstead. I think you will agree the Lasses (and the Lads) scrubbed up well!

Andy & Helen


Colin & Jan


Keith & Caroline


Rob & Di

While we were still fairly sober, we talked about some of the things we would like to achieve in 2013, so here is the Pande Bucket list for 2013:

Bucket List

We might get to do one, or more but whatever, we are determined to have a load of fun this year, starting with a New Year party....

Look out you two, you are being watched!

No honestly, Andy, it is really this big!

And it started so well too!

Here's to the next event...

Well we didn't have to wait long, 3rd January saw an intrepid group, sadly minus Jan, Caroline & Keefy, set off to Transexual Transylvania (Brighton) to see the Rocky Horror Show on its 40th Anniversary Tour.


The arrival of Mr C. Curity at Ashurst Wood, striking fear, terror, and computer security advice at no extra charge.

Then to be joined by the East Grinstead section!

The RHS team is completed by R&D!

And so off to Brighton to find a cheeky free parking space near the Theatre (no easy task, but Andy was up to it!)


Looking at the pavement behind Di, I think the excitement may have been a bit too much for her!

Great night, great show, a shame we could not all have been there. Get well soon Jan.


It's January 18th, it's snowing, so of course the Snow Pandes are out!

The intrepid Mr C Curity

Will we ever see them again?? Jan and Di looking impressively tall!

Treebeard is alive and well!



Wow, it's still only February

The outings keep on coming! A trip to London for four of us to see "A Show of Hands" at the Festival Hall. Preceded by a visit to the London Museum, a walk taking in St Pauls, and then an Aussie meal at Walkabout.

A slightly distorted mirrored sculpture out side St Pauls.

Three saintly Pandes!


Show of Hands were supported by The Fishermens Friends from Port Isaac, who were fantastic, and SOH gave us a great evening of songs.

After the all too short event, as we left the Festival Hall, Colin met his great hero, Stuart Barnes, who was mildly surprised to be greeted with such enthusiasm, and was bemused to be told by Colin that they are the same height...... True story!

I have tried my hand at capturing the day, inspired by SOH's Blue Cockade (available at all good record stores, well iTunes anyway)

At the Same Height.

(To the tune of the Blue Cockade)

T’was on a sunny Sunday, we stepped upon a train
Four friends all bound for London, a military campaign
The company was focussed to see old London town
At the same height (at the same height)
At the same height (at the same height)
We saw there five statues and a crown

Our heads were full of long swords, the start of London’s fire
With maps and sites of London, t’was back then but a shire
Our time was running short, we had to move along
At the same height (at the same height)
At the same height (at the same height)
To the restaurant from the land of Billabong

We sat and ate a burger, made up of Kangaroo
We lost sight of our Colin, of course he’s in the loo
We had to eat up quickly, was the night of Superbowl
At the same height (at the same height)
At the same height (at the same height)
Come along now, we need to take a stroll

We came to see a band, they’re called a Show of Hands
The songs of the West Country were sung by fishermen
The audience were singing, all joining with the show
At the same height (at the same height)
At the same height (at the same height)
All too soon it became time for us  to go

But wait on friends, this evening is not completely done
Colin has seen his hero, surely he’s not the one
He played behind the back row, and he wore the number ten
Who is the same height
Who is the same height
He’s the same height as Colin Robinson!!


(With apologies to Steve Knightley)


Andy's 60th

Andy's 60th was celebrated in July, with two abortive attempts to play at Kite Buggying at Camber Sands.

The first attempt was blighted by foul, wet weather, the worst day of the summer in fact, but not to be detered, we dried our selve out and enjoyed a Curry meal on the way home. In September we re-arranged the Kite Buggying, and this time chose the only day of the year with ZERO wind at Camber Sands, but never mind, we had some fun on the beach, in the sunshine



Jan's 60th

For Jan's 60th we planned a trip to Devon, but unfortunately due to illness this had to be hastily rearranged, and we had a weekend at Lakeside, Hayling Island.

A beautiful weekend of weather with walks along the beach and fun with Bows & Arrows, Air Rifles, Bowls, and plenty of food and drink!

Jan Helen


Impressive shooting, don't mess with these three!






On the way home we spent a few hours at the Historic Dockyards in Portsmouth.








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