Pandeminium Highlights From 2006 to date


Well, the Pandes have been together now for over seven years, and I thought it was time to pull some memories together in one place. Enjoy and remember the tears and laughter


It all started in Bruges, there was a change to personnel at short notice, due to a rogue portion of Liver and Onions which rendered Keefy "indisposed" (I think he meant he had the shits!) With thanks to some shocking navigation, we eventually found our Hotel and had a smashing time!

First Pandes

How young we looked!





The more observant of my readers may notice a theme of food and drink throughout this journal! Alan isn't always asleep though.



On our next excursion we headed west to Bath.









This time we were joined by Keefy and Caroline.

Keefy helpfully brought along his invisible rugby ball.

Pete tried to hide it up his jumper!






Food and Drink once more takes centre stage!


The trip to Bath was the chosen time and venue for Alan to propose to Rozzie, who accepted much to the relief of all present!

Al's Proposal


I am positive that the choice of headgear made his offer irresistible!





Our next trip was the first of many happy times in Swanage, many thanks to Sue for letting us enjoy the house there. So many happy memories over the years.








A carefully planned journey to the east of the country, orchestrated by Alan, who is famed, both here, and in his native Australia, for his navigational skills. Why would anyone want to take a direct route to Ely, when the opportunity to drive through the middle of Cambridge presents itself? Add this to a circuitous tour of Ely and it's surrounds to find the Hotel. But is was well worth it to be greeted by the luscious receptionist who wasn't quite prepared for the Pandes!

A great weekend where Keefy tried to gatecrash a guard of honour at the cathedral, and we were treated to an exhibition of Morris dancing by men in questionable costumes!


2 Gays



Once again Food and Drink feature!




You may notice Alan's strategical placement of his hand over his mouth. This was because he had sadly lost a tooth crown just a day before departure. Of course the Pande boys were very sympathetic, and there was no hint of anyone taking the piss, well not too much anyway!


black teeth





Ely Pandes


It's a good job these Hotel beds are well constructed!



Next time we headed west again to Salisbury.





3 boys


I can't be sure, but by the look on their faces, I would bet that something may have gone missing from the Army School of Flying, where we stopped for refreshments on our way to Salisbury.





Art with a capital F!



Rozzies Birthday


Rozzie looking quite pleased with her birthday gift!


The case of the missing plate! This plate not only went missing from it's rightful place in a restaurant somewhere in Salisbury, but even more mysteriously it has gone missing from a household in East Grinstead. It might be a coincidence that it has not been seen since a certain couple returned to the Antipodes, I could not possibly comment!



Pandes go T'Alps

One of our finest trips!

With a spring in our step and unleaded in our tanks we set off on 24th May to foreign parts. Bikes were sparkling, Mini's were gleaming, and even "Le Brique Vert" was in tip top condition. Little did we know that there would be a week of meeting in car parks, brewing at every available opportunity! Then the bikers allowed the rest to have time for a second cup while we got our kit on and "saddled up"!

Alan decided to shock us all when he took off his helmet at Folkestone to reveal his Blond hair, which all too quickly turned orange !!

For once Eurotunnel presented no delays and we sped off in the direction of Dijon, and surprisingly Al & Roz headed in the same direction too!

Bikes in Alps


What delights awaited us in Dijon, motorcycle festival clogging up the roads, fully booked hotels and more importantly fully booked restaurants,and of course,thunderstorms. But let's not be too unkind to our Gallic neighbours, the ride down was dry, and what we missed out on gastronimic restaurants, we made up for with take-away pizzas and Chicken and chips, in, you've guessed it, a car park!!

We had no idea what delights awaited us after the next day's journey, the Chalet at La Clusaz was just outstanding, with views to match.


Here is the Bar we drank dry (without really trying very hard!)

The Brique Vert and Red Mini in a great place.

Mini's on the road.

A few shots of the fantastic scenery.....




Colin, looking impressively tall!

Proud owner, is that a snail I see slithering into the top box?!



Never misses an opportunity to gain a little height!

K&C's Mini in a photo-shoot!


On the return journey we visited Vimy Ridge, something that will stay with us forever.

Never forget what they sacrificed for our freedom.


Bruges, Part two!

Now, if you had been paying attention, you will remember that Liver and Onions did for Keefy on our last trip to Bruges, so it seemed entirely appropriate that we should try again. This time, every effort was made to ensure that Keefy was kept fed only by Caroline's excellent fair!




Well it worked and we made it to Bruges, not only with Keefy & Caroline this time, but also with the latest additions to the Pande's Colin & Jan.





The Pande Boys!




The beautiful Ladies!

And of course, Food and Drink, our constant and welcome companions!




Off to the south coast for our next expedition. A great weekend of walks and the opportunity to fly the kites.

Pandes at Port Lympne

The Pandes at the Zoo!


Guess what....... The unofficial members of the Pandes, Food & Drink, make another appearance!



A trip organised by Dawn & Pete to Winchester. Jolly Japes in the Pub involving Hobby Horses and Silly Hats. It shouldn't have been a surprise that one of our number ended up in Hospital.

Roz & Caroline

See what I mean about Silly Hats?!

Sir Andy

Andy finally gets his deserved Knighthood!

Blue rinse


Blue Rinse sir? Anything for the weekend?


Food and Drink again!!


Al Winchester


Alan looking very pensive, or did he know that he was about to have a Heart Attack and scare the Bejesus out of all of us, especially Rozzie? It is times like this when true friendship comes to the forefront and everyone one of us did what we could to support our Good Buddy and Rozzie.

Thankfully after excellent care from Winchester & Southampton Hospitals Alan was soon back in the saddle.

I think this is the last trip where all 12 of us were able to make it. This made it very special as Alan and Roz were soon to return to Vegemite and Tim Tams!


Health Warning!

You need to view the next batch of photos with extreme caution. The creator of this web site cannot be held responsible for the flow of tears of sorrow or happiness when posting pictures of the party to say Adieu to Alan and Roz as they return to Australia!

In true Pande fashion, we got our Indian Clobber out of the wardrobe ( Why? well because we can!) and had and evening of reminiscences and laughter and music.

Alan & Roz

Our best pals in Australia!!

The Crouton King strikes again!


The tissues are out!



Colin & Keef



2011...Swanage once more!


Another visit to Swanage and the surroundings, such a wonderful place.


Dancing Ledge.



Di at Dancing Ledge.


The Girls




May 2012...Stratford

Only six of us made this trip, but what a great weekend, and furthermore we beat the locals in their Pub Quiz!






A thoughtful Andy!

September 2012..."Coastaleering" at Swanage



New Year Celebrations 2012-13



2013 Camber Sands, second try!


Hayling Island October 2013, Jan's 60th

Hayling Island


Aye Aye Cap'n!!





























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