The Pande's Go To Ely


Over the weekend of 7th & 8th July the Pande's dropped in on Ely in Cambridgeshire. The event was led by the newly re-named Al Zymer and his bride to be Snapdragon (I am still wading through the 500 snaps received via Snapfish!) Al's globe satellite navigation was at it's most effective and we only lost our way twice, this in itself deserves a special mention as the ability to get lost even on the easiest routes is not to be sneered at.

Does Al know where he is??

Even more surprising is the decision by the Pande's to allow Al to take charge of directions, and furthermore provide him with a signpost to ensure the rest of the group followed blindly behind him!


Lunch and cakes were hungrily consumed at Gog Magog where we tried to set fire to the field and gazed enviously as a two year old put her parents to shame by successfully launching kites that was beyond her parent's capabilities! The chocolate cake beat us but was readily consumed by a bunch of teenagers who were clearly suffering from advanced stages of the "munchies"

Arriving eventually at our Hotel we were given a warm welcome from Brenda Bling, saying "well your rooms aren't ready yet" Not to be discouraged we fought our way through corridors of mustiness (here you are SlackBladder, what a song title!) unpacked and set off to sunny Ely


After some much needed refreshment and surveying the local population, we had a fine meal, although there was a grave shortage of condiments (later to resurface in C Riz Too's bag) we were nonetheless satiated and headed back to Musty Villas for the evening's entertainment, if only we knew what was in store!


It is a tradition that this group of enterprising and imaginative people are charged to present objects or stories linked to the location of the latest adventure. this time we heard from C Riz Too, and Miss Directed about Sir Clive Woodward who was born in Ely, as well as stories of Princesses from DG and Norma Stitz and eels from Dan Glibbits, additionally we heard about the legendary and totally fictitious Hugh Todger from P Stoft. But the winning link was that highlighted by Lord Slackbladder, to Dave Gilmour of the Pink Floyd who is a son of Ely and featured the cathedral on the cover of the Pink Floyd's Division Bell album.

It was here that proceedings took a turn for the worse as drinks were split (blame attributed to the sloping surfaces!) teeth were blackened and FEB showed us her thong!

Well thanks to all the Pande's for a great weekend. The next time we will all be together will be at Al & Snap's wedding at Sheffield Park, providing of course that Al can find his way there on time, but rest assured, P Stoft who will be Best Man, will ensure that he is there!!

I hope I haven't given too much away by showing your Al & Snap's wedding outfits!!............................................


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