The Quin Wizzers of Stratford-Upon-Avon         





Well, we couldn't have picked a better weekend for weather at the end of May 2012. Six intrepid Pandes set off for Stratford-upon-Avon for a weekend of fun & laughter.



We stopped off in Banbury en-route, to check out the fine lady on her white horse, but settled for a stroll up the canal (boys) and a spin around M&S (girls) We had a coffee in the Mill Theatre before setting off for Stratford-Upon-Avon.


Shopping Trip

The girls, after discovering Marks & Spencers!

Ettington Chase Hotel

Our Hotel at Ettington, a great spot and good facilities including a pool, sauna, and whirlpool ( I can't spell Jacuzzi!) Lovely grounds where we found some dappled shade to sit in and try out a couple of bottles of Fizz!


After dinner in the hotel, which was most enjoyable, everybody kept well away from Rob as I chose Duck Cassoulet for main course!


A short ride into S-U-A, where we parked up in the recreation ground, just a short ferry ride across the river to the RSC. Helen mentioned something about working on the ferry (which was a chain type, powered manually by a winch handle) she thought it might help her wings? I don't know what she could have meant! The lamposts are sponsored by different town councils or countries, the one above was funded by Israel.


Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth

Colin & Jan

Colin & Jan taking a short cut over the lock gates.

Andy & Helen

Andy & Helen too.


During the day at S-U-A, we had a river boat trip (one couple seemed to pay less than the others <Seniors!>) which took us up & down the river, past the church and then under a low bridge before returning to the quay. There were lots of people in boats, both pleasure and some serious sculling. We walked to Ann Hathaway's cottage, about a mile and a half from the town centre, but were disappointed to find it fenced off and only visible if you are prepared to cough up £8:50 per head, even senior rates did not tempt us, so we went to the pub instead!

In the evening we decided to try out the local pubs for food and settled on the White Horse. Our choice was dictated by the fact the the other village pub was shut! But it was a good call because the food was good, and we decided to enter into the spirit of things and joined in with the pub quiz. Well what at first was a gentle bit of fun soon developed into a competitive event which just had to be won..and it was! Not only did we win, but we were awarded a shiny trophy to prove it, which will now become the Pande Trophy.

Drink was taken to celebrate our success (to add to that taken in A&H's room before we left!) so much so, that one of our party sunk gracefully to the ground as we crossed the hotel lawn. Dear reader, I will leave it to you to guess who this was!

Oldbury House Flowers

On Monday C&J had to leave after breakfast, for some reason they were keen to get back to their new home purchased on the Friday before we set off!

A&H and R&D called in to a NT property, Upton House, and enjoyed the gardens, the coffee, and to a leser extent, the dry cakes & scones.

Brighties at Oldbury

The Brighties at Upton House

The Butlers at Oldbury

Andy & Helen

Di & Helen

Di and Helen

Oldbury Gardens

A great weekend, with great people who were real QUIN WIZZERS!