Pandis Go T'Alps Some Pics from our week.  

With a spring in our step and unleaded in our tanks we set off on 24th May to foreign parts. Bikes were sparkling, Mini's were gleaming, and even "Le Brique Vert" was in tip top condition. Little did we know that there would be a week of meeting in car parks, brewing at every available opportunity! Then the bikers allowed the rest to have time for a second cup while we got our kit on and "saddled up"!

For once Eurotunnel presented no delays and we sped off in the direction of Dijon, and surprisingly Al & Snapdragon headed in the same direction too!

A surprise from Al Zymer when the helmet was removed at Folkestone to reveal his new, Nazi, look!
What delights awaited us in Dijon, motorcycle festival clogging up the roads, fully booked hotels and more importantly fully booked restaurants,and of course,thunderstorms. But let's not be too unkind to our Gallic neighbours, the ride down was dry, and what we missed out on gastronimic restaurants, we made up for with take-away pizzas and Chicken and chips, in, you've guessed it, a car park!! The first of many car parks!
We had no idea what delights awaited us after the next day's journey, the Chalet at La Clusaz was just outstanding, with views to match. A view from L'Egale's top ski station dow to La Clusaz, and our Chalet
La Clusaz was a lovely small town, with several bars, where we enjoyed a beverage or two Before........
Unfortunately this one upset us by giving Dodger a short measure, and therefore retribution was ours! ......After!!
Imagine waking up to this every day.. The view from our home for the week!
We had a couple of great ride outs, finding some brilliant roads The Minis enjoying one of the great roads.
  The bikes too!
  The posing Mini!
  Gadge, the proud owner!
  Breathtaking views around every corner
  Le Brique Vert!
  Gnomes of Zurich?
And of course we ate well!!  
  Some needed some help though!
  The intrepid climbers at the top of L'Egale
  Sooooo Brave!
  Was she lost (in thought?)
Snow melt  



It wouldn't be the same without a song:

To the tune of "Ghost Riders in the sky"

The Pandi’s they went riding out in the last week of May

Heading for the mountains and a chalet in La Clusaz

We formed the magic convoy and set off for the sky And before they saw us coming - They heard us flying by!

Pandi-I-A, Pandi-I-O
We ride the Pandi-Mini-Van

The riders sat astride their steeds of chrome and throbbing steel Through storm and tempest they thunder on, no hardship do they feel

They will ride forever or until the world grows cold Or until the camera battery dies - Or their hair turns into gold

Pandi-I-A, Pandi-I-O
We ride the Pandi-Mini-Van

The minis have their places at the head and at the tail

Both shepherding the Van so through the traffic we can sail They keep the convoy rolling, connected by CB “PANDI’s” is the call sign - “Time for a cuppa tea?”

Pandi-I-A, Pandi-I-O
We ride the Pandi-Mini-Van

In car parks we can conjure up a feast fit for a King

Within minutes we are all set up with kettles whistling

We learnt the local customs and the toilet etiquette How to use the facilities, without getting our feet wet

Pandi-I-A, Pandi-I-O
We ride the Pandi-Mini-Van

So now I want to ride that magic convoy once again

And feel the spirit of the road and the company of friends

Until we all meet with common aims I’ll yearn for when I can Return to ride the highways, with the Pandi-Mini-Van

Pandi-I-A, Pandi-I-O
We ride the Pandi-Mini-Van