Welcome to Roma!   

Well, such a great surprise for my 60th! a weekend in fabulously sunny and busy Rome. We left early on Thursday morning, dropped off at Gatwick by Andy. After a 2 hour flight we landed in Rome and took a bus from the airport to the City Centre.

Hotel Regno


Our Hotel, Regno,was situated just a few hundred metres from the Trevi Fountain on Via de Corso was perfectly placed for the walking tours we enjoyed over the weekend.

We arrived at about 1pm and were able to check in, have a quick wash then out in the warm sun to "see the sights"!



But where do you begin?


Of course the Trevi Fountain, being so close, had to be our first port of call, and our first Ice Cream!

Trevi Fountain

A great piece of work, bizarrely set in a back street, but it certainly attracts plenty of visitors.

We took a short walk along Via De Corso to arrive at the Piazza Veniezia where the spectacular "Wedding Cake" can be found, housing the tomb of the unknown warrior and a small museum, but as importantly a roof top terrace cafe with great views of the city.

Wedding Cake

Colosseum From the Wedding Cake

The Colosseum from the terrace cafe.

Amazing to think it is 2000 years old, and after it was abandoned it became a quarry for local builders to take marble and stone to build and decorate homes and churches. (see, I did listen to the guide!!)




Robbies Birthday

That evening, to celebrate 60 years of Robbie, we visited a restaurant in Da Sabatino just a short walk from the hotel, and had a glass or two of the local wine!



After all the awful weather we had in Britain for the previous 2 months, it was so good to be sitting outside in the evening sun, and enjoying the sights and sounds of Rome! I think we over indulged on the Anti-Pasta, especially when a large bread resembling a pillow arrived at the table!

Pillow Bread


A short walk after our meal took us to the Pantheon in a small Piazza buzzing with tourists and street entertainers.

Di RangeRover





Nice body work!

(The Range Rover looks good too!)







One of the many beautifully crafted water sculptures found in so many Piazzas. Just amazing, the attention to detail.


My lasting memory of Rome will be the jaw dropping paintings in the churches, buildings that you could easily walk by, as the exteriors can be drab and non-descript, but go inside and look up.......Wow!

Church Ceiling


Church ceiling

Ceiling Dome

Left: A close up of the painting on the ceiling at the church in Sabatino, there are four representations of continents on the ceiling.


Right: The dome in the centre of the ceiling.




On the second day we arranged a visit to Vatican City, electing to book an escourted tour, which promised to miss the long queues to get into the Vatican galleries and, of course, Sistine Chapel.

St Peter's




Again we decided the best way was to walk across the city and take in some sights on the way. The weather was beautiful, and St Peter's looked magnificent across the Tiber.





Basillica St Peter



Stepping in to the square was breath taking! The impact of the Bascillica and the crescent of pillars with statues of past Popes has to be experienced.


So many sculptures to admire!

Statue St Peters



Some old bloke got in the way of this photo of one of the fountains in the square, luckily, no repetition of the scene from "Angels & Demons"!



Di with a Cardinal

I can't be sure who is winning this arguement, but it ended in smiles!





A visiting group of Cardinals from South America.



True to their word, the escourted tour by-passed the queues for the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel, but it was worth the extra to have the information on the exhibits.

Vatican Museum


In the Sistine Chapel, and the question has to be "how the *#!& did he manage that?" and will the Vatican Police catch up with me for taking photos inside the Chapel?!

Day of Judgement

The Last Judgement on the Altar Wall, took Michelangelo 4 years to complete.


Sistine Chapel Ceiling

The ceiling, which also took 4 years from 1508.