Rosie, Millie and Jamie's Photos Pages




Hi. I am Rosie


and I am Jamie

and I am Millie!!
This is us on Rosie's Birthday
Big puffs!
Godstone Farm, March 07 Top
Tractor Boy!
In my Den!!
Here comes the Tooth Fairy!
Millie, had enough of space hopping!  
You'd better come quietly, or else it's bubbles for you!
Rosie, June '07
  Millie at Rosie's school summer fair  
    Rosie looking a bit pastey!!  
Jamie and Millie at Beachy Head      
    Rosie with Jenni at Ride School  
Who stole my Mobile phone?  

I think Jamie is demanding money with menace! Kelly has her fingers crossed that he gets some!