Another visit to wonderful Setthorns...

This time we were not alone! Colin and Jan, brand new to caravanning joined us for their first outing.

We set off in convoy from Ashurst Wood and Chelwood Gate to the New Forest. A fairly uneventful journey, with the exception of being overtaken on the M27 by a caravan being towed at speed with the locker door open. As they passed us, a plastic bottle of toilet fluid decided to part company with the locker and skid at speed along the motorway before settling in the central reservation. As they passed Colin and Jan a bottle of champagne jumped ship too and smashed on the road.

A bottle of Thetford Blue is one thing, but Champagne?? That'll teach them to check the locks!


We arrived at Setthorns at about 2pm in hot sunshine and set about finding some nice pitches. We had booked "Select" pitches which meant we had electricity and a picnic table on spacious pitches.

We took our Royal lightweight awning, but soon discovered that it didn't fit the Onion as well as we hoped, so it's eBay for that one!


Colin's awning was erected by committee! but very successfully.

Once set up, we took a walk across the forest to Wootten Bridge, just a short walk to stretch our legs and give Kendall a run.

Di & Jan enjoying the sunshine

In the evening we were visited by Jenni, who was on her way back from Cornwall to stay at HQ in Poole. We had a great evening, lovely to see her.

On the following day, we took a walk into Brockenhust.

It was another very hot day but a great walk, firstly along a dis-used railway, and then across the forest into Brockenhurst for Tea!

On the way back we came across a pony who had decided that the middle of the road was where she wanted to be, and that's where she stayed! It was almost as if she was taking toll fees from passing motorists!

It was all a bit too much for one foal:

I hope his mum put on some Factor 30!!


A stop off to cool the feet on the way back from Brockenhurst.

The following day was another hot one, so we drove part of the way to Burley, and walked the rest. Burley is an interesting village, with lots of shops selling stuff related to witches, and, of course, ice cream!

On returning to base, we found a Motorhome parked near our pitch in some kind of dispute over the resevation of the pitch, and cones being left out? The incumbants were unaware of any cones or resevations, and rightly, were not about to move pitches. Fortunately the Motorhome owner seemed to see sense and moved off.

A very pleasant last evening with awnings down in anticipaaaaaation of rain overnight.

Serenaded by Stumpy Joe!


With some added noise from yours truly!


Here's to the next one!!






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